Which iPhone you should buy in 2019

Six iPhones currently available the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 10 R, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and alone pro max which is a lot of choice which one is right for you in this video we’re going to go through all the options in some detail and help you decide before we do that however I’m gonna give you a little spoiler we actually recommend the iPhone 11 for most people it’s got the latest processor it’s got a great camera and it’s got a really nice big screen and it still cost quite a lot less than the pro models if you can’t afford the 11 then we would say that the 10 R is the second choice for most people we’ll start with the iPhone 8 which is the cheapest iPhone Apple currently sells at 479 pounds or four hundred and forty-nine dollars it is also the weakest iPhone Apple currently sells in almost every respect it has just a single camera on the back it has a very small screen and it doesn’t have a lot of the features that were added later on but it is the smallest iPhone as well as the cheapest and for that reason alone and a lot of people will like it since the iPhone se was discontinued will it next up the iPhone 8 Plus which starts at 5 or even 79 pounds or $549 so it’s $100 or 100 pounds more than the iPhone 8 you get a bigger screen for your money is now 5.5 inches instead of 4.7 inches although it’s also a very bulky phone one of the largest ones Apple sells and you’re not getting a huge screen for that like on the iPhone 8 you are using a 2-year old processor the a 11 so it’s not particularly future-proofed and it will start to show its age and slow down over the next year or two you do get a better camera as well you get a dual lens camera on the rear which means it can use portrait mode but for our money we think it’s worth spending an extra 50 pounds or $50 and upgrading to the iPhone 10 R which we’ll look at next the iPhone 10 R is the last surviving member of the late 2018 Bachelor I phones and it got a price cut when the iPhone 11 series came out it now starts at 629 pounds or 599 dollars and that is starting to look like a really good deal you get a big 6.1 inch screen quite a bit bigger than the iPhone eight plus is screen put on a smaller overall device so it’s great for portability and screen sizes as a combination you do lose the home button though so this is the first time we’re going to not have a home button and some people like having the home button it uses face ID facial recognition to unlock instead of touch ID fingerprint recognition as he had it on the 8 plus the camera on the rear is only a single lens but it does have a portrait mode done with software instead of glassware so the 8 plus was the first one that got the portrait mode and you still have it on the 10 I despite the single lens the iPhone 11 next which starts at 729 pounds or six hundred and ninety-nine dollars and we think that’s a really good deal for you get this is the latest generation do you get the a 13 Bionic processor which is brand new very very fast and will continue to be very very fast for many years to come the differences between this and the 10 are well firstly it gets twin lenders on the rear so you can still do portrait mode but the portrait mode will be slightly better because it’s actually done with glassware Apple has upgraded the physical design so this is more waterproof than the iPhone 11 was and it is also more resistant to physical damage Apple says at the glass on the 11 and the 11pro in the 11pro max it’s the toughest on any smartphone out there battery life is a little bit better than on the iPhone 10 are as well but the compromise on both of these phones as compared to the pro models is that they have LCD screens which we’ll talk a bit more about in a minute when we look at the OLED screens of the pro models now again it’s they’re very serious models this is the iPhone 11 pro which starts at one thousand and forty nine pounds or 999 dollars and what do you get for your money well you get many of the same things as the iPhone 11 you get the improved glass that makes it very resistant to physical damage you get very high water resistances ip68 which is the highest rating the most commercial products get but it’s actually to four meters depth but it’s resistant rather than the two meters on the iPhone 11 and you get the a13 Bionic processor which is very very fast you actually also now get triple lenses on the rear which is maybe overkill you you get a wide-angle lens you get an ultra wide-angle lens and you get a telephoto so that means that you get an optical zoom on this camera that you didn’t get on the iPhone 11 which just has the wide and the ultra wide possibly the most important difference between this and the iPhone 11 and the 10r is the OLED screen which is very important oh it is a different technology used for screens and it gets you better color reproduction and it gives you much deeper and darker blacks so when you’re using particularly the new dark mode you will see a far better reproduction on the screen with this then you would get on the iPhone 11 early screens are also better for power efficiency so this translates into a better battery life Apple estimates that this will last about 18 hours which is about an hour more than the iPhone 11 which brings us at the top of the range the iPhone 11 pro max which starts at eleven hundred and forty nine pounds or 1099 dollars it’s mostly the same as the iPhone 11 Pro you still get the same process the a13 which is very fast and very good you get the triple lenses on the rear you get the stronger glass design and the IP 68 to four meters or water resistance the two differences between this and the basic iPhone 11 pro it can be cool basic you get a bigger screen this is a 6.5 inch screen which is the largest one that Apple makes at the moment and you get a better battery life because the battery cell itself can be bigger inside a larger model the estimated battery life in terms of video playback are 20 hours for the pro max and then 18 17 16 14 and 13 hours respectively down the range so there we have it which of those phones is right for you as we set at the top of the video the iPhone 11 is our recommendation for most people it’s a really good lens of brand new technology and moderate value we not under any illusions however that it’s a cheap phone and if you’re a bit of a budget the option and we would go with is the iPhone 10 are which is as good in many ways as the iPhone 11 there’s a few more compromises however if you’re looking for a small phone the iPhone 8 is probably the one to go for but it’s a bit of a shame that it is now getting quite old and its behind in quite a lot of technological areas we are sort of hoping that a new iPhone se might come out for the people who want a small device but with that advice we hope you’re able to make the right decision for you