Nubia Red Magic 3S Features and Review

This is a phone that I’ve been pretty interested to check out since it’s so different than things I normally look at and this is the Nubia red magic 3s and this comes out in the United States shortly and is under five hundred dollars so let’s go ahead and take a closer look at it we’ll go over the specs turn it on and see what we’ve got so let me cut this down here a little bit peel away the wrapper this phone comes in at 479 with eight gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage for $5.99 it’s 12 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage so let’s open it up here now this is the 8 gigabyte model as you can see here 8 gigabytes 128 gigabytes of storage let’s set that aside and see what comes in the box so we’ve got three different things here we’ve got looks like maybe some cables here so we’ve got USB C 2 USB a so we’ll set that aside this looks like it’s probably our plug here and this is I believe an 18 watt fast charger let me see here it’s a USB 80 USB see it actually doesn’t say as far as the fast charging part goes but let’s take a look at some of the paperwork we’ve got here or literature we’ve got a SIM card removal tool it’s kind of a unique one and let’s see what we’ve got inside here so we’ve got some red magic stickers we’ve got a warranty card and then we have a Quick Start Guide that just talks about all the different parts of the phone let’s set all of this aside and take a closer look at the phone itself so here’s the phone itself this is actually thinner than I thought but also larger let’s go ahead and open this up it’s got a screen protector that’s already installed I could take this off in just a moment but this is all metal and it has UF s 3.0 storage in it and this is a gaming phone that should have triggers right here you’ve got touch triggers on the top so you can play games on it and this has a qualcomm snapdragon 855 plus with an Adreno 640 GPU it’s got active liquid cooling as well as a turbo fan so you’ve got a fan in there with fan vents so let’s take a look around the outside of the phone and talk more about it and then we’ll set it up so on this side you can see we have a power button we also have a volume button again we’ve got that fan vent we’ve got our triggers up here on the bottom we have a speaker and these should have stereo speakers as well with DTS sound we’ve got USB C and a microphone on this side we have some Pogo pin connectors where you can buy a separate dock put it on the dock and then you can actually charge it or use it as a gaming dock and then we’ve got our sim card slot let’s take a look at it I don’t believe this has expandable storage but it does have dual sim card slots so if you’re looking for that you’ll have that option and then we have a switch up here as well and that switch is for game boost so that’ll be interesting to check out now on the back we’ve got a fingerprint sensor and this is a 48 megapixel rear facing camera now you only get one along with a flash there’s a little microphone here in the upper right but this camera is a Sony sensor it has an F 1.79 aperture and it’s wide angle it also will record 8 K for 15 frames per second now I’m not sure why you would want to do 15 frames per second but it can do it and it should be pretty interesting to look at now on the front we have a forward facing camera and the forward facing camera is 16 megapixels now let’s go ahead and turn it on there we go and it should have a pretty stock version of Android on it now this display is 6.65 inches it’s an HDR AMOLED that supports dcpip three color space so you’ll see Nubia privacy policy and you’ll have to agree to that to continue and now we’ve got the stock set up for Android so this is a six point six five inch HDR AMOLED DCI p3 display at twenty three forty by 1080 with 388 pixels per inch now it is a ninety Hertz refresh rate so it should be super smooth it’s also got 240 Hertz of touch responsiveness so that’s pretty high as far as that goes the other interesting thing is it has a five thousand milliamp hour battery so this thing is pretty pretty loaded especially for under $500 so let’s go ahead and set it up so it’s asking me if I want to copy data from another Android phone or something else I’m not going to copy I’m going to set it up as new put in my email address now we set up the fingerprint sensor now that I’m signed in so we’ll go next have to set up a pin just do one two three four four now Google assistant is set up so now we’re at the home screen and this should be closer to stock Android other than this little skin over here so we’ve got an app drawer here there’s nothing else in it and then it’s very standard as far as Android goes let’s pull down here and that’s it as far as we’ve got there now the game accelerator we should turn this on and you’ll hear that noise it says separate game spaces restore handheld gaming experience and we’ll hit start now we can add a game so I’ll have to install a game and try that out and we can get alerts so let’s go back and let’s try a game I’ve been using this phone for a little bit and as you can see it’s got a live wallpaper on the back I changed it up a little bit and I’ve got a bunch of games installed that I’ve tried as well now before we get to the games this has a 48 megapixel rear camera that can do 8k at 15 frames per second so if I just snap a quick picture here it’s nice and fast and just my overall impression initially is that it’s quite good it looks pretty good it does have a knight mode as well so if we go back into the camera you’ve got Knight modes you’ve got a beauty mode here they call pretty and a pro mode let’s go over to pro mode here so you can adjust the ISO the focus shutter white balance and everything you want so it’s actually pretty full-featured and then again it’s got that 16 megapixel forward facing camera as well and it’s got autofocus of course and everything else but this phone is all about gaming and the interesting thing is is as soon as you switch this switch on here the LED lights turn on on the back which is supposed to be ambient lighting and it changes based on the game you’re playing it also has a fan that turns on and you can control all of these in the settings but you’ll see now we’re in the game mode here and so we can swipe through different games we have installed and load them so if we go and do to this game we’ll just turn down the volume here we can hit play and everything is super fast now we have some options if we swipe in from the right we can set up touch buttons we’ve got the triggers on the top which is great for certain types of games it even tells us what our CPU temperature is we can turn the fan on and off we’ve can turn off messages block calls put it in standby we can record the screen it’s got a built in screen recorder so it’s really interesting to see a phone that has all of these features in it so let’s get into this I don’t know if you can hear that but the fan just kicked up so it’s weird to have a phone with a fan but it’s performing really well it’s super smooth so we’ll hit next now if that fans too much you can just pop in some headphones here and then just listen to it that way or you can turn the fan off altogether and it’s nice and quiet so it’s just up to you however you want to do it so you’ll see the frame rights rates are super smooth I’m recording this video at 60 frames per second so hopefully you can see it I don’t play this game often but it’s just showing me I know how to play this game but for some reason it’s bringing me through this and you’ll see it just looks fantastic it really is sharp and fast I haven’t seen a single slowdown yet and it’s just super interesting to see a phone that’s focused on gaming like this I know there’s been others but this one just feels very solid has a beautiful 90 Hertz display and is really great to use so far now let’s go into a different game you have to actually go back to game space in order to get out of this so you have to swipe to the right go to game space then get back out so we’ll go over to the new Call of Duty game now I’m not going to play a ton of games here but I think you get the idea that this is ideal for anyone that wants gaming the sound out of this is quite good as well and as you’ll see here the LEDs are still going on the back you can turn them off if you don’t like them so you just drag whatever you want to use for the trigger over whatever you’re using so we’ll just drag that here and now I can use this for the trigger now when you’re playing this game using triggers definitely gives you the advantage that’s for sure but you can see how fast this is and how smooth the frame rates are the back is actually getting quite warm but there’s no slowdown whatsoever we’re running at 90 Hertz it looks great and this looks like what we had on a console with an Xbox 360 or something along those lines so overall I think it’s pretty great for what it is so if you want to get out you go back to game space and then you can switch to pub G or whatever game you’d like you can add a game here and maybe we want to add Mario Kart we can add Mario Kart it’s just a little switch on the right we go back and now we’ve got Mario Kart so it’s pretty interesting to see a phone like this when you’re done gaming flip the switch off and now we’re back to the home screen and back to normal usage now this is running Android 9pi which unfortunately is a version behind but again it does have some features that you don’t get elsewhere a multicolor LED strip for the setting on the back picture-in-picture game docking station if you have that and then a couple other settings as well so if we go to system and go to system update you’ll see it’s version 3.0 of their software but it’s Android 9 pi so who knows how often it will be updated that’s probably the only disadvantage of this phone it’s under $500 and you get a lot the latest processor 8 gigs of ram or 12 depending on which one you a great camera in the back so far and I think if you’re really into gaming and you want a phone that should probably last quite a while since it’s got a huge battery this might be for you but let me know what you think about it in the comments below it’s really interesting and something I haven’t seen before and it’s nice to get my hands on something that’s completely different but let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time