iOS 13 – The Best iPhone Battery Saving Tips

iOS 13 has a bunch of battery optimizations already built in but I wanted to share with you some tips to help you better refine those optimizations and get the most battery life possible and these tips are directly from Apple there are a lot of tips out there but these come straight from Apple and will save you the most power possible now the first thing is to use auto-brightness but in in tandem with auto brightness you also want to use brightness control in the control center so leave auto brightness on which will actually adjust the brightness based on the ambient light so if you’re in a very bright room or maybe you’re outside it will turn the brightness way up but if you’re inside it will bring it down however if you leave that on and then also control it yourself you’ll get the best battery life possible your screen actually uses a tremendous amount of power that’s probably one of the most power hungry things so if you can bring that brightness down a little bit when you’re inside just control it here and let Apple handle the rest that is what they suggest and I’ve found that to be true as well now something a lot of people don’t even think about is your phone locking itself after not using it for a little bit so we want to make sure that we have this setting adjusted properly for auto locks so if we go into settings and then we go down to display and brightness under display and brightness you’ll see it says auto lock now I have this set to never just so the screen doesn’t go dark or lock my display while I’m making this video but as soon as I’m done making this video I set it to 30 seconds if you don’t have it set to 30 seconds I would recommend 30 seconds or a minute so that it actually shuts the display off as soon as it can when you’re not using it true tone and this end night shift really don’t use a whole lot of power so you can leave those on I tend to like them some people don’t it doesn’t use much power at all so you can either leave it on or turn it off but before we go to the next tip first a word from our sponsor this video is brought to you by dot tech domains and if you’re online it’s pretty essential to have a domain if you have a business or a social presence or a YouTube channel or any of those things a domain is pretty essential especially if you cover tech now dot tech domains my channel is Zolo Tech so of course I have the domain Zolo tech to link to all of my branding in fact companies like Intel and Viacom and CES also have dot tech domains so type in go Tech slash Zolo and use the code Zolo tech to get 90% off one in five year domains and let me know what you’re planning to build in the comments below now something that’s specific to phones with OLED displays is dark mode and while you can use dark mode on older phones dark mode only really helps battery life on phones with OLED technology displays so OLED is on the iPhone X the XS the XS Max and the 11 Pro and 11 Pro max it uses a different type of display and where there is a complete black part of the display those pixels are actually turned off so it’s saving power by turning those pixels off so if you’re using dark mode for example and you go into settings any area where it is completely dark or black the pixels are just completely off as opposed to having to light the whole display like an LCD as you have on some of the other devices such as I as an iPhone 8 or 7 or any of those devices so just keep that in mind so that will help you a little bit on those OLED displays now something that uses a lot of power is location services and you can adjust these in settings so if we go into settings and go down to privacy under privacy we have location services under location services we can adjust each app individually or turn it off altogether I don’t recommend normally turning it off all together unless you don’t want to use things like maps because Maps needs to know your location so that it can function properly so if you’re using Google Maps or Apple maps or something else you’ll need to actually use it to to use that app but you can tell what apps are actually using your location based on these little arrows here and these arrows indicate the time in which they’ve actually used your location so Instagram has used my location within the past 24 hours now I allow it to use my location while I’m using the app but never any other times so you can adjust this specifically to what works for you Maps for example while I’m using the app it can use my location otherwise you don’t need to know my location so you can adjust this on a app by app basis you can also tweak system services and if you don’t use some of these services I would recommend turning them off for example if you don’t use homekit to control your lights turn it off or location-based alerts or location-based Apple Ads I don’t really need those so I’ll turn them off or a motion calibration and distance things like that if there’s certain apps you don’t use I would turn them off and also significant locations turn that off unless you want it to know your location what it does is it’s not sharing it with Apple but it’s keeping it on the phone where it’s been to significant location so I would recommend going into this you’ll see it’s kind of creepy it will show you all your last locations you can leave that on or turn it off but again it’s going to use power now if you have a purple arrow here that’s hollow it’s kind of using it in the background or if it’s filled that used it recently you can get an explanation for the arrows at the bottom of the settings page for privacy and location and it will tell you exactly what they mean one way you can save more power is to use Wi-Fi whenever possible as long as you’re at a safe location such as your home and you’re using Wi-Fi that’s going to save you more power than if you’re on cellular data and the reason for that you can think of it like this if you’re on Wi-Fi your wireless router is probably within a hundred feet of you whereas a cell tower could be within a couple miles of you and it has to transmit further distances so it needs to use more power to do so that’s one way to look of it look at it to understand that it’s actually using a lot more power than Wi-Fi now another way to save power according to Apple is to turn off background app refresh or at least select certain apps not to use it and what that means is if we go into settings and then we go to general and then we go to background app refresh we can turn it off altogether or we can leave it on for specific apps so for example I may want to use it when I’m on maps because maps may need to use my location information as well as data in the background just like I showed with location you want it to maybe refresh in the background but all these other apps if I’ve opened them and closed them out or swiped them off the screen I don’t want them to use this information if I’m not interested in it so just turn those off on a case-by-case basis or turn it off altogether now when the app is actually swiped up it’s closed out for the most part you do not need to go back and close your apps there’s no reason to do that in fact it goes into a sleep mode with the exception of some apps like music like Spotify if it’s playing in the background and you want it to stop without just pausing it you can close that out or maps about everything else it just freezes and it’s not really using any power in the background now another thing that can use a lot of power is if you’re using the mail app from Apple is the way it actually gets that mail so what that means is there are multiple ways to do that you can either have the mail push to you or you can have it fetch the mail every so often or go out and look for a new mail now you want to adjust those settings by going under settings and then instead of going to mail go to passwords and accounts under passwords and accounts at the bottom you’ll see it says fetch new data if we tap on this you’ll see I have it set to push push we’ll actually use more power because it’s trying to regularly check for more information so that the email just pushes now I have that turned on for iCloud and outlook but I have it set to fetch for a couple others and fetch means it will check every 30 minutes now the best power saving option here is to turn off push and then switch this to manually that way it will actually not check for mail unless you want it to and you go into the mail app that’s the best option however you won’t know if you’re getting any new email unless you go into the mail app itself so just keep that in mind but that’s the best way to save power as far as mail is concerned now there are some apps that could be using your power as well so if you have apps like Facebook and Facebook has been the number one for me I’ve removed it because it was using a bunch of power and there was nothing I seemingly could do about it so I removed that I still have messenger and Facebook page or the page manager but I would recommend any app you’re not using specifically social media things like that I would remove them altogether if you’re not using them because they’re probably using your power in some way or another I’ve found that they say there they’re not and people will say they’re not using it but for some reason I always find that I have better battery life if I really tweak settings for things like facebook or just remove it altogether now there are modes to actually help you save power such as low power mode but I don’t normally recommend this unless you’re down to about 20% and really trying to conserve power the reason for that is not only does it optimize brightness and bring all the brightness down but it actually slows the phone down to save power it will reduce the amount of power that the processor is using to try and save you power and in turn slow the phone down so it reduces animations it stops fetching mail it disables things like airdrop and icon sync and features like continuity won’t work so it turns off a bunch of features and you’ve got a nice phone why not use the features unless you’re really trying to conserve power so I recommend only using low power mode when you’re down to about 20 percent or you’re trying to really conserve battery throughout the day now finally if you’re in an area where you have almost no cellular signal you have no access to Wi-Fi and it keeps going between no signal and a signal I would recommend turning on airplane mode as Apple does so that you can actually save as much power as possible and the reason for that is the further you are from a cell tower and the more power your phone has to use in order to connect to that cell phone or cell tower so in order to connect to the cell tower it has to ramp up the power of the phone connect to that cell tower and then communicate back and forth so if it’s constantly going between no signal and a signal I would turn that off altogether until you get to an area where you know you have signal unless you really really need it and you’re trying to contact someone in an emergency definitely turn it to airplane mode if you’re in that situation now as far as Bluetooth people always ask me should I turn off Bluetooth the only time I would say turn off Bluetooth is if you’re not using an Apple watch or air pods or something like that because Bluetooth is so low power that it almost makes no difference for most people so it’s more the display that’s using power or the processor not so much bluetooth because it’s very low-power and it’s fairly limited in range as well and hopefully those battery tips helped you that’s really all there is to it follow those tips and really adjusting the brightness you’ll probably see the most change along with that background app refresh but let me know if you have any other tips in the comments below and also if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in 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