The Pixel 4 and 4 XL have one distinct feature that you can’t find on other Android devices, and it’s the radar-based motion sense. Google itself confirmed this feature on the Pixel 4 a couple of months ago. And now, we’ve got a series of official videos courtesy of 9to5Google, that showcases how the motion sense is going to work on the Pixel 4. If you don’t know already, Pixel 4 uses a Solo radar chip and sensors that allows users to interact with the phone without actually touching it. It’s a feature that’s available on other Android devices for years but the difference is the Pixel 4 will have a dedicated radar chip for this so it’ll work precisely on the Pixel 4. That said, the first video showcases how you can silence the phone calls. Just a wave of your hand over the phone does the job. The second video showcases how you can snooze or turn off the alarm using your hand gestures. The third one though, shows how you can change music tracks with a wave. Basically, for everything all you need to do is wave your hand over the phone. Honestly, I expected a bit more than this. I mean why do you even need a dedicated radar chip for doing such simple tasks. A phone of 2014 did all of these things even without the radar chip. So I hope there’s more to it than what Google is showcasing in these official videos. Because these simple wave gestures such as changing tracks, silencing the phone can be achieved with an IR sensor as well. In Google’s defense I could say that this is the first generation. They’re taking it slowly. Google has been working on this tech for more than 4 years and they’ve already showcased in a video as you can see, the capabilities of solo and what it can do in the future. You can rub your fingers and make it do things which is a 007 type of stuff. But what we’re actually getting on the Pixel 4 is nowhere near this. So I hope there’s more to it than just these simple basic things. Look, I’m not expecting, rub your fingers and make it do things type of stuff on the Pixel 4, but at least there should be more than just a simple hand waving. Listen, First impression matters, I think the project solo is something that can be big in the future, but as I’ve said, the first impression matters. People won’t take it seriously if all it can do is these basic things. So I hope there’s more to it than what they’re showcasing here. The official camera samples of the Pixel 4 has been leaked as well. Pixel phones are known for taking amazing photos and this year is no different. As you can see these are samples of Pixel 4’s selfie camera. The portrait mode looks on point. The rear camera portrait mode looks phenomenal as well. We have some action shots as well which again looks crisp. Then the night mode, absolutely stunning. It looks like the night sight has been improved, the color production at night looks really good. Then there’s astrophotography, you can take pictures of stars and the milky way and as you can see, it can do a pretty good job at it. We also have other samples including macro, food and more. All in all, if these pictures are any indication, Pixel 4 is said to be the best phone to take pictures in 2019. It also goes without saying that…These pictures are taken from professionals using professional setups. So it’s more than unlikely for you to replicate these images but still, I like what I see here. If you want to keep updated with all the Pixel 4 information then please consider subscribing and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!