Google Pixel 4 Complete Features and Detailed Look

So it looks like Google has finally learned that 4GB RAM is just not enough. Pixel 3 XL, which was released in late 2018 comes with only 4GB RAM, and that’s problematic. I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people, and even MKBHD complained at some point that 4 gigs of RAM on Pixel has resulted in him having some lags at later stages of using the device. And he’s totally right, apps and games are getting heavier than ever. They’re doing more and more so 4 gigs is not gonna cut it. Thankfully, though Google has finally understood that and they’re increasing the RAM count to 8GB on the Pixel 4 XL. This handset appeared on the geekbench website, not once but twice and both the geekbench results show 8GB RAM, which is great news for Pixel fans. I think the base variant will offer 6GB of RAM and the highest variant will take it up to 8GB. By the way, I totally understand the software that runs on a smartphone has a lot to do with how you experience your phone. I mean Optimization is really what matters when it comes to making a phone better and responsive but I also believe that 4GB is way too less by 2019 standards, and also when you consider the retail prices these devices are going to carry, so happy that Google is finally upping their game. For those of who you were wondering, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL will have Snapdragon 855 and not the 855+. We have another leak that shows a Pixel 4 XL running the Dev Hardware and System Info app which reveals the processor and it’s Snapdragon 855, which is okay because 855+ is just an overclocked version of 855 without any increase in efficiency. The image also shows the screen size which is 6.23″ similar to what we heard in the past. So it’s the Apple keynote today and unsurprisingly, Pixel 4 leaks have intensified. This is the 4th leak of the Pixel 4 in less than 24 hours but the good thing is these are by far the clearest leaked photos of the Pixel 4 that we’ve seen so far. It shows the phone in black and white, and like I’ve said a few days ago the camera doesn’t look as bad as we were expecting it to look like a few months ago. One interesting thing, though the white variant has a black frame and orange power button. It’s something that some of you are gonna love and some of you might hate. I personally would prefer the traditional metal looking frames than this one but in any case, Pixel 4 will surely stand out from the crowd purely because of its bold color choices and also due to its camera. For all the coverage on the Pixel 4 please consider subscribing and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!