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25/01/2016 13:05pm
It's been a long journey, but the time has finally come. For the first time, the public will gain access to The Division and participate in the BETA.

So when does it begin?

According to the official announcement, we can expect the BETA to be available on the following dates:

XBOX ONE: January 28th- 31st
PS4/PC: January 29th - 31st

If you'll be taking part, let us know in the comments below!

For more information, visit the Official BETA Website.
#44 - 01/02/2016 4:30pm
Ps4 players check out the Central Intelligence Agency clan and lets retake this city.
#43 - 27/01/2016 10:33pm
Is there an official countdown clock can i am dieing to start playing, also started a clan ADD Australian Defence Division. looking for all new agents.
#42 - 26/01/2016 11:09pm
Ill be there for PS4, if there are any other Sony users come check out Umbrella Corporation.
#41 - 26/01/2016 12:25pm
Check out my clan TEAM DVSN on xbox one
#40 - 25/01/2016 3:57pm
Me and the whole ShadowPact will be there. PC.
#39 - 25/01/2016 1:45pm
Ofc. Gonna run it on pc, so 29th to 31st
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