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27/01/2016 13:47pm
Arrekz Gaming have just posted a great new video explaining the uses of Dark Zone Keys. There's also a great chunk explaining jus what happens when you die when roaming the Dark Zones in The Division.
#69 - 05/03/2016 5:34pm
i can't wait to start playing this i have the day off after launch to I'm looking for the best stuff in the game this video was very helpful as well a must watch for a new franchise
#51 - 01/03/2016 12:37am
Great video, can't wait
#50 - 27/02/2016 6:18pm

... FUCK.
#49 - 24/02/2016 6:37am Last Edited 24/02/2016 6:37am
Can't wait!
#47 - 05/02/2016 2:52pm
Have we found out if the Open beta has been officially confirmed or is it still a rumor via the image?
#46 - 01/02/2016 4:37pm
Just a few weeks until the open beta and then after that, another two weeks or so until the final release.
#45 - 01/02/2016 4:31pm
nice cant wait till release.
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