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Posted By NbsArgonian
04/02/2016 05:07am
It is imperative that within 48 hours of being accepted into the clan, all members send friend requests to:


Not doing so will result in immediate termination from Umbrella Corporation. Being a part of this clan involves dedication and hard work between all clan members. If we want to be to best, we need to have the best, We, as leaders, feel that all members of the clan should primarily play with other members of the clan. If you have friends that you like to play with that aren't yet with Umbrella Corporation, by all means ask them to join and become part of the Umbrella family. Our goal is to have a tight knit community in which we will always have other agents to train with as well as full confidence in the skills and capabilities of our fellow agents.
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Posted By SlainByBlind
03/02/2016 21:51pm
No Double Agents will be accepted into the team, do not apply if you are a member of another Agency.