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"Friends don't let Friends run the Dark Zone Alone"
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Posted By jekmonkey
07/03/2016 14:40pm
It's launch day!!!! Who is ready to kick ass and Take Names!!!!!!

Final Housekeeping issues before the game goes live:

1.) Make sure you have joined the PSN Community. People are throwing out times they will be on so we can make sure you always have someone to roll with.

2.) Make friends! Don't be shy and friend people in the clan

3.) People have been asking about the other players in their squad. Squads at this point are merely a suggestion based on when people said they would be playing, they are far from concrete. if you find yourself gravitating to play with a different group of people over the next week, let me know we can always switch it up.

4.) The purpose of the ERS Clan is primarily to kick ass, take names, and always have a crew to run with. That being said it is also very important that you all enjoy who you play with, share laughs and have a good time.

I welcome all feedback, this is OUR clan, WE own ERS, and WE will own the division.

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Posted By jekmonkey
04/03/2016 03:00am
The Hype train keeps on rolling!!!

With less than 4 days until launch we have been able to fill out 5 Squads for launch day! So fear not, someone will have your back! While clan recruitment is by no means closed (we can never have enough quality players) we have successfully created the core for what I have no doubt will be the most badass group ripping up the DarkZone.

If you have friends or other you game with feel free to send them an invite!!

Two house keeping comments:

1.) Please join the PS4 Community on the PSN called "The Division - Elite Rogue Squadron" and please post what time you will be getting on. This will allow us to party up with each other easily.

2.) Make sure you check this website periodically for updates

Looking forward to kicking ass with you all next week!

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Posted By jekmonkey
01/03/2016 18:24pm
Squad 1 (PSN Handle):
Jekmonkey (DCS_2)
D0c_V2 (D0C_V2)
HoloBlue (HoloBlue)
Paladin_IPG (Paladin_IPG)

Squad 2 (PSN Handle):
JohnWaynesGhost (JohnWaynesGhost)
SirPhz (SirPhz)
donakazz (donakzz)
Zakyeo (zakyeo)

Squad 3 (PSN Handle):
Damaga (xXDamagaXx)
Morganearp (Morganearp)
Ricky2467 (Ricky2467)
maverick0206 (maverick0206)

Squad 4 (PSN Handle):
SmackenNasties (SmackenNastie)
Aircon3 (Aircon3)
Bone_Chef (Bone_Chef)
TwoStickZach (TwoStickZach)

Squad 5 (PSN Handle):
JJLPhillips (JJPhilp)
Clinch119 (Clinch119)
OneLikeaSonofMan (OneLikeaSonofMan)

Squad 6 (PSN Handle):
SerendipityxD (SerendipityxD)
nazql (nazqlxd)
dark95magic (dark95magic)
Baccorame (Baccorame)

Mercs: AKA Squad Swing men:
Havok (TS_Havok)
Indy (INDY_v2)
Hawk (Hawkifan25)
Ksmith400 (Ksmith400_)
LayItDwnKid (LayItDwnKid)
Tier-Hyun (Mike_Painerz-129)
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Posted By jekmonkey
29/02/2016 16:30pm
Please bump the recruitment thread below so we may remain on the front page. The more eyes on the clan, the more people who will join.

Remember....Friends don't let friends run the Dark Zone alone.


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Posted By jekmonkey
28/02/2016 17:43pm
Thank you for joining Elite Rogue Squadron. This site will act as a hub for all our activities and notify each other of new loot, ways to gain rank faster, tips and tricks, and other players to squad up with while in the dark zone.

I think we are all very aware that going in the dark zone as a lone wolf has some pretty negative consequences.

Looking forward to running shit and taking names with y'all.