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Hello agents!

YMIR is a brand new gaming group that I've started for casual and hardcore gamers. While things outside of the game take prescedance, when we game, we game HARD.

What does the name YMIR mean? In Norse mythology, Ymir is the primordial being that gave birth to the first gods, whose body was used in the creation of the nine worlds. Ymir was the beginning, and this group is the beginning of something too.

I want this group to be focused on all aspects of the game. PvP can't happen without farming in PvE. Gameplay should not be restricted, and all members should be able to play and do what they want in game. I don't believe in controlling what people do in game. My first rule has always been to have fun.

People from all walks of life, skill level, and time restraints are welcome, as well as veterans and newbies alike. I want people to be willing to help each other out and learn from one another. As someone who only started playing The Division a few months ago, I understand the huge learning curve that came with it.

This is my first gaming group in about 10 years. For those that remember Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, I was a member of [JO] Jedi Order. It was a prominent and influential gaming group at the time. That is the level of community that I would like to have with YMIR.

If any of this sounds attractive to you, please visit the discord . Be part of something from the beginning. Let's make a name for ourselves in The Division and start The Division 2 running.



Have a sense of humor and not be easily offended.

Have access to Dischord and a microphone.

Have fun!

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