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Posted By CloudWolf
02/03/2016 20:01pm
Yesterday, excuse our lateness, the Official Launch Trailer for The Division was released and it is epic in every way. These guys really do know how to build some hype for a game.

The countdown has begun and launch day (March 8th) is nearly upon us. Role call? Who's joining the fun?
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Posted By CloudWolf
26/01/2016 17:41pm
While this may not be particularly new, it's not yet been shared with our community at large.

Youtuber jackfrags posted a great video showing off some of the latest footage available for the game.

The BETA is just around the corner so expect to see some of the latest videos shared right here on Division Clans in a few days time.
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Posted By CloudWolf
25/01/2016 13:05pm
It's been a long journey, but the time has finally come. For the first time, the public will gain access to The Division and participate in the BETA.

So when does it begin?

According to the official announcement, we can expect the BETA to be available on the following dates:

XBOX ONE: January 28th- 31st
PS4/PC: January 29th - 31st

If you'll be taking part, let us know in the comments below!

For more information, visit the Official BETA Website.